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Earn $70,000 Per Year While Making a Difference in People's Busy Life
Family first. You get it. This is your opportunity to make a good living helping people understand how life insurance protects their families. They need you. We need you. Let’s do this!
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What is an Origin8 Advocate?
Not a traditional salesperson, that’s what. An Origin8 Advocate explains life insurance to a prospective customer using simple, caring and human language. Talking about death is uncomfortable, and Advocates make the conversation easy and quick. They help the customers purchase life insurance.
The Best Part
As an Advocate, the hard work is already done for you! Prospective customers are pre-matched with an insurance plan. That means they already know they want life insurance, and you don’t have to find a plan for them.
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At A Glance
Honest money
We want you to make a good living. Get paid for every prospective customer you assist, regardless if they buy.
Monthly Bonus
Plus, get an additional bonus monthly for the protection you help people secure. This is just icing on the cake.
Work From Home
This job is fully remote, although we do recommend putting on non-elastic waist pants once in a while.
State Insurance
If you have a license, call us! If you don’t, call us too and we will pay the state licenses fees and give you access to the preparation course to get there.
Hired Fast
You’ll know within 5 days of your interview if you’re hired.
Trained Up Fast
3 weeks and you’re ready to roll.
Diversity & Inclusion
Grow with a group of diverse colleagues in a safe space.
Join us on the ride as the company continues to grow to the moon!
Earn $1,500 in your first 100 calls
Our goal is for Advocates to make as much as $70,000 a year.
Getting you there is simple:
Access up to 75 prospective customers per week in the Origin8 platform
Get $15 for every client you help
The call experience is designed to be 20 minutes or less
Plus! Get a monthly bonus for protection you help people secure
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A Message From Our CEO
Our ceo smiling
If you join Origin8 as an Advocate, you won’t regret it. Did you know that only 8% of Americans have life insurance? That’s 92% of our country who can be pushed into financial distress in the event of the death of a loved one. None of us want to prepare for death. But we have to. I need your help to help them. Are you with me?

Randy O’Connor
CEO & Widower
Prerequisite & Application Details
You should apply if...
You like to help people.
Working with a mentor excites you.
You are independent, responsible and proud to get things done.
Working in an innovative technology company is cool.
You have been successful in helping people achieve their goals. Experience in insurance or financial products is a bonus but not a must.
You are comfortable with technology and must have access to reliable home wifi.
Join the Growing Family of Advocates!
One of our advocates
Origin8Cares is hands down the best company to be a part of. The Administrators, Mentors and Trainers always go above and beyond for all the Advocates. The Advocates working together and are ready to lend a helping hand. Providing families with the means to protect their loved ones is my passion. Being a part of Origin8cares allows me to do just that, and the rewards are priceless.

Origin8 Advocate
Frequently Asked Questions
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